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Address: 51 Karadjordjeva (2k Alekse Santica) st., Sid
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Specialized ophthalmology clinic VASE OKO has become known for the kindness and professionalism of their employees and listening to their patients’ needs. 

The clinic provides full eye examinations for preventive purposes but also regular checkups and maintaining a healthy eyesight.

Eyesight correction and treatments for eye conditions ensure the health of one of our most important senses. 

It’s especially important to correct children’s and young people’s eyesight in order to make sure there aren’t lasting consequences and poor vision. 

“The eye is the window to the soul but also into the organism” 

Therefore, the eye exam is also a part of the protocol needed to carry out any internal or neurological patient examination. 

The purpose of our senses is to bring us in touch with the outside world.

Among those senses, the eye is the most important receiver and analyzer. 

In order to realize your vision, you have to have healthy eyes. 

That’s why you should take care of and nurture your eyes. 

Years of work, gained experience and continuous education of our employees we give you the opportunity to have all your questions answered and all your needs met. 

Basic ophthalmology exam: 

  • Determining eyesight quality in terms of far and nearsightedness 
  • Measuring intraocular pressure 
  • Biomicroscopic exam for the front and back eye segment (eye bottom) 

With us you can also do:
- Color vision testing
- Test tear ducts
- Sciascopy (determining the diopter in midriasis - wide pupil)
- Modern methods to determine all kinds of contact lenses (soft, silicone, hydrogel, RGP…) with professional training for beginners
- Control checkups and corrections for existing diopters
- Instrumental eyelash epilation
- Transparence of eye mediums, lense murking, cataract detection and monitoring
- Dry eye testing
- Removing foreign objects from the front part of the eye
- Postoperative checkups
- Treating eye conditions (stye, various kinds of conjunctivitis, eye herpes)

We also instal prescription lenses, plastics and all kinds of specialized lenses. 

We offer an excellent selection of sunglasses with the highest quality protective lenses and the ability of making them prescription. 

Working hours of the Kuburic Lux Optika:
Mon-Thr: 8AM - 8PM
Fri: 8AM to flexible 4-8PM

SPECIALIST OPHTHALMOLOGY OFFICE VASE OKO, 51 Karadjordjeva (2k Alekse Santica) st., Sid
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