Address: 140 Vojvode Putnika st., Sabac
Sabac Phone: +381 64 325 71 98
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We have original and used parts for Renault NEW CLIO 2-3, CLIO 2, SCENIC 2, LAGUNA 2, Thalia, a large selection of motor 1 5 DCI 1 9 DCI 1, 4, 16, engine parts, transmissions, shock absorbers, metalwork, wipers.

Warranty for the correctness of parts, installation capabilities.

Sending express mail.

Renault Clio, Megane, Scenic, Kangoo, Megane, Laguna, Modus, Espace, Megane, Fluence, 4, 5, 18, 19, 21, 25 NEW, USED, original and replacement parts.

The offer includes:
LIGHT GROUP: headlights, tail lamps, fog lights, light bulbs

VEHICLE EXTERIOR COMPONENTS: fenders, hoods, wings, doors, sills, edges, glass
Parts of the suspension-Trap half shafts, tie rod end, balls, wrists, shoulders, stabilizers, shock absorbers, springs, cups, bearings, discs, pads

Electricity: spark plugs, sensors, heaters, coil, alternator, starter motor,

CLIMATE AND COOLING refrigerators, fans, thermostats, modules.

Ability to send to your address as the possibility of personal acquisitions.