Address: Glusci, Bogatic
Sabac Phone: +381 60 669 66 44
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In the picturesque plain of Macva, in the village of Glusci, there is Ethno Park "courtyard" 20 km from Sabac, 20 km from Sremska Mitrovica, 15 km from the Serbian Republic, 4 km from Bogotic.

On an area of 0,047ha is ethno restaurant 200 m2, four separate dormitories and a host of other ancillary facilities.

Also the entire area restaurants, barns, outbuildings, residences, is full of exhibits, paintings, carriages, train with carriages.

All this can be seen when viewing the site "the Yard".

Everything was done in the old style, preserved and exposed.

The restaurant uses steam heating, and for its operation was performed and a large kitchen that meets the "HACCP".

All this increases the value of ethno parks as well as the following: years of existence, elaborate work, exceptional reference in the country, and especially abroad and in particular the emphasis on the fact that the entire estate is located in the thermal waters where the depth of 265 meters of thermal water of 32 degree.

Ideal for making the pool and open spa tourism.

To visit the complex for sightseeing, stay, lunch, it is necessary to announce your visit. ">More information can be found on the website

Goran Vuletic 060 / 669-66-44