Address: corner of Veljka Dugosevica and Orloviceva, Ruma // 35a Kralja Petra Prvog st., Sremska Mitrovica
Ruma Phone: +381 22 431 475
Phone 2: +381 22 617 194
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Bio Corner is a company from Ruma, which specializes in selling health food and production of integrated boards and biscuits.

Within the retail firms operating in Ruma and Sremska Mitrovica and wholesale.

RANGE: organic products, an assortment for diabetics, teas, dried fruit, juices, natural drinks, macrobiotics, spices, whole grains, soy products, desserts and sweets, dietary products.


• Corner of V. Dugoseviceva street and NN Orlovica street.
• 022 / 431-475

Sremska Mitrovica
• King Peter I 35
• 022 / 617-194

Wholesale: 060 / 043-22-66

A rich range of products, continuous monitoring of innovations in the field of nutrition, healthy nutrition and natural cosmetics indicates excellent supply of our actions.

Our main characteristics are reasonable prices and constant freshness of food thanks to the excellent dynamics of supply.

Also, we are always there to all the needs and suggestions of our customers and we try to as much as possible to go out to them to meet.

Our staff is friendly, professional and will try to help you in the right choice.

New from our production are unleavened bread and chrono patella superior quality, which have already found their way to the consumer.

On our site regularly publishes advice, useful information and all the news about healthy living.

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