Address: 2 Teodora Milicevica st., Raska
Raska Phone: +381 36 736-238 (fax ), +381 60 073 62 38
4/ 5stars STOMA is a dentist practise with a family tradition, registered in 1992, followed by fifty years of professional work experience. Two dentists, most modern equipment and materials provide a wide range of services from the entire field of dentistry to the patients. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of a healthy chewing organ and of its advantages as such. Nice look, clear speech, enjoying a pleasant taste of food depends on the chewing organ. We offer the following: - examination and consultation - preventive dentistry in children, ie. Prophylansis of mother and permanent teeth - endodontics and conservative therapy with the composite fillings of the latest generation - prosthetics: mobile and fixed (metal-ceramics and modern metal-free ceramics) - therapy for paradontopathy - orthodontics - oral surgery - RTQ diagnostics - aesthetic dentistry dental jewelry polishing teeth. .. Working hours on weekdays from 9 to 14h, and from 17 to 20h. Thank you for your trust! Stoma