Address: 10 Nikole Pasica st., Pozega
Pozega Phone: +381 60 095 80 00
Phone 2: +381 60 095 80 02
Phone 3: +381 31 713 282
Fax: +381 31 713 282
Email: btbueno05@gmail.com
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Our main product is making shirts from the finest of materials, is also our best selling item.

Men's, women's and children's shirts - all colors and sizes, you will find in our retail store in Pozega, street Nikola Pasic 10th

According to your preference and extent - we correct the existing items on the spot.

Also, in addition to making the above products, we do all kinds of uniforms, work clothes and other necessary equipment for businesses, restaurants, and all those who have similar equipment necessary for the operation.


weekdays: 07h - 15h
Saturday: 07h - 15h


weekdays: 09h -19h
Saturday: 09h - 15h