Address: 1 Francuska st, Pozega
Pozega Phone: +381 60 311 01 98
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Animal Kingdom pet shop is located in the Business Centre (shopping center) 1 France street.
In our kingdom of pets you can find a wide range of food and equipment for your pet.

Food for Dogs: Hiils, Advance, Brekkies, Instinct, Pedigree, Josera, Farmina, The Chef, Soup, Golden Can, Premil.

Food for Kitten: Matisse, Whiskas, Friskies, Josi Cat, Golden Cat, Thu 30/9 ..

With every bought sack 8 DISCOUNT!

You can find collars, harnesses, and leashes from a variety of different materials and sizes and are all necessary vitamins and treats.

As for cosmetics, we have a wide selection of brushes and shampoos for various hair length and color, as well as preparations for the lakes combing hair.

We have a wide selection of sprinkles, bowls, chairs, toys for dogs, cats, birds, small rodents.

In addition to food and equipment for dogs and cats, here you can find the right equipment and food for the birds (parakeets, cockatiels, canaries, parrots, large), hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and turtles!

Pet Equipment: carriers, toilets, toys, leash, chairs, baskets, sleeping ... etc..
Cages for birds and small rodents (various teams)
Akvaristika (equipment) Tetra and Sera program.

Sell Pets: Birds: Pink, Rozenkolis, Alexander, Nymph, Singing, Prawns, Tiger, finches.
Small-rodent: Pygmy rabbits lion head lop-eared, hamsters, lemmings, roborovci.
-Squirrels: Daegu and the Siberian
-Fish: large selection

Food for birds: Depure plus, beige, junior plus, plus energy, king pearls, liege special, marinara standard, Olimpia mix, olimpiia racing, shampion sport, super diet ...
Ronhnfried and Pantex lekovi.Elektroliti and glucose.

Also in the shop has a kennel breed Shar Pei puppy, where you can order all year.  



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