Address: 28 Cebina st, Pozarevac
Pozarevac Phone: +381 12 55 55 77
Fax: +381 12 55 69 33
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Kompromis Design is a company engaged in the manufacture and design of printed materials. The company was founded in 1996 and since then poised for continued success in the business. A solid indicator

the above statement is the fact that the Compromise Design currently employs over 20 people serving 12 machines.

Our interest is to provide customers potecionalnim excellent addition to the press, and the best design. In accordance with this, on the first floor of our building are at your service 4 designers, who will

Your imagination into reality. It is understood that when we take care of all this and the accessibility to a larger number of clients, and you can expect a very favorable prices.