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Massage is practiced for centuries.

Today, however, if you need a massage, or simply want to relax in front of you is a choice of over 80 styles of massage, which they use different techniques, pressures and movements, and imply the inclusion of pressure, rubbing and manipulating muscles and other soft tissue hands, fingers, forearms, knees, feet, etc.

Also, more and more people are opting for the benefits of massage for health reasons.

The can choose from various styles of massage, in order to relax, eliminate chronic pain or heal injuries.

What type of massage will you choose?

Styles that are used in the massage make the long and short strokes of rubbing, kneading, pressing, tapping and so on.

Before you decide which style of massage is best for you, you should ask yourself whether you want a massage for relaxation, or need help because of certain health conditions.

Many styles were popular in different times.

The question is, though, whether a particular style just a fad or is equally effective for the user, or whether you could have a different style of more help.

Therapist so you can adjust the massage depending on age, health status or any needs and goals that you have.

In our offer are the following types of massage: relaxation, anti-stress, peeling, anti-cellulite, sports, therapeutically and partial.

Relaxation massage is the most common type of massage.
Contains rubbing, kneading and mild pressures.
Relieves muscular tension and makes you feel relaxed.

Anti-stress massage relaxation massage is similar, only slightly softer.
It consists of a long and gentle rubbing, kneading mild and monitoring MEREDIAN.
Leads to a complete relaxation and relieves stress.

Peeling massage is a combination of relaxation and anti-stress massage with the addition of fine particles, mixed with oils that clean the skin of dead cells.
After this massage you will feel relaxed, you will have beautiful and smooth skin.

Anti-cellulite massage should help the bloodstream and lymphatic systems.
It is used for targeting to specific regions and areas.
The end result is better health and more beautiful physical appearance.

Sports massage is intended for sportsmen, but also those who are not engaged in active sports.
It is performed in order to help systems muscles to recover faster.
It can be applied before, during, after the sporting event, or as aid after sport injuries.

Therapeutic massage is a form of manipulation of the soft tissue, thereby treating the underlying causes chronic pain in muscle and nervous system.
The therapist uses slow movements and strong, with a focus on layers of muscles, tendons and other tissues that are deep in the skin.
Frees chronic pain, tension and helps with muscle injuries.

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