Address: 108 Partizanska st., Pozarevac
Pozarevac Phone: +381 12 710 07 83
Phone 2: +381 60 526 18 00
Phone 3: +381 66 610 07 83
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"Proxide" -Požarevac was founded in 2013, as a main activity is the production of rubber products, manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, servicing of hydraulic equipment and components, production and service upon request (presses, wood splitters, hydraulic pumps, etc.) .

Only in Serbia which manufactures and development of industrial equipment for vulcanizing conveyor belts such as:

- Standard tire repair heating plates for ST and ST 1600,2000,2500 3150
- Vulcanizing heating plates with water-cooled (EMY LIQUID)
- Jaw clamp for rehabilitation breakthrough on the belt conveyor
- Pumps glycol Q = 9 l / min, P = 16 bar
- TWIN hydraulic pump Q = 2 + 2cm2, p 350 bar
- Manual two-stage hydraulic pump P = 450 bar
- Steel metal clip 2 "for the repair of damage to the longitudinal strips
- Hydraulic unit for layering conveyors (granik)
- Device for layering and towing conveyor belt (cat)

All devices have been tested and certified for safe operation, provided service and stock of spare parts for a period of 10 years.

These products are fully domestic production, as a priority in relation to foreign equipment stands out the possibility of rapid elimination of defects, very reasonable prices, short delivery equipment or equipment segments.

For information call:

066 / 610-07-83