Address: Beogradski put nn, Pozarevac
Pozarevac Phone: +381 12 515 235
Phone 2: +381 64 116 09 44
Fax: +381 12 515 236
Email: ljubicevskiraj@ljubicevskiraj.rs
Web: www.ljubicevskiraj.rs
4/ 5stars

IF YOU WANT to complement your vacation, visit us!

We are located a few kilometers from the town of Pozarevac on the way to Belgrade.

You will recognize us by the shady garden and children's park that are rare today in terms of hospitality.

We have a comfortable room with 400 seats, available for weddings, birthdays, intimate family dinners, banquets and other festivities Your, traditional cuisine, and rooms for the night with 44 beds that is 14 rooms. All rooms with private bath and TV.

We also have a private parking area, where your car will be 100% safe.