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    Construction companies and services Pozarevac

    Address: 23 Sindjeliceva st., lokal 5, Pozarevac

    The main activity of SIBIR INVEST is constructing residential and business buildings, obtaining high quality locations and financing construction projects on them.

    An important part of our activity includes keeping up with the latest advancements in construction technology and materials, so our team of engineers and technicians improves their experience and expertise by applying the latest knowledge and achievements in their field of work.

    For the needs of high quality construction we have established successfull cooperation with German, Italian and Spanish manufacturers of the best materials and equipment.

    The great expertise and experience of our engineers, technicians and legal representatives whom we consult when furnishing the location and constructing every new object allows us to fully meet the needs and requests of buyers who purchase apartments and offices.

    A unique characteristic of our work is our years-long cooperation with permanent partners when it comes to construction works, who have become independent business owners and have previously worked with owners of SIBIR INVEST.

    This business model allows us to achieve the maximum quality without bloating up our number of employees.

    With our professional work we have built a solid foundation of trust with our business partners.

    With our construction skills we construct our clients' projects with quality, experience and love.

    - Residential object at 27 7th July street
    - Residential object at 1 Grgura Vujovica street
    - Residential object at 17A Deligradska street
    - Residential object at 60 Cede Vasovica street
    - Residential-business object at 3 Sime Simica street
    - Residential-business object at 33 Sumadijska street
    - Residential-business object at 54-58 Cede Vasovica street

    Contact us via our second e-mail: sibirinvest.doo@gmail.com





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