Address: 153 Srpskih Vladara st., Petrovac
Petrovac Phone: +381 12 542-460, 333-031

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Count MBM company began its operations more in 1993. Our activity is the distribution of weapons and ammunition, equipment for hunting and fishing, fireworks on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro. In the period behind us, we tried to satisfy the wishes of our customers both through wholesale, and retail network. As a result, today we offer a wide range of goods world-renowned manufacturers in the field of our activity, which can be seen in the appendix. Many stores are our customers. We are one of the leading companies in our delastnosti country. The company employs 16 workers. Also, we have two actions in their own property: Excalibur shop in Petrovac Valjevo and store count in Pozarevac. Excalibur Street No. Srbskih vladara. 153 12300 Valjevo Tel. 012/332-067 Fax.012/333-031 Count Street Mose Pijade. 52 / 7 (opposite cacalica) 12000 Pozarevac Tel. 012/542-460, 542-461