Address: 125 Zarka Zrenjanina st., Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 13 351 551
Phone 2: +381 64 133 54 98
Phone 3: +381 60 679 00 21
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Clinical examination of general, cardiovascular, endocrine, neuro, children's surgeons, ENT, gynecology, orthopedic surgeons and urologists.

Surgical diagnostic procedures, endoscopic examinations.


-soft tissue
-thyroid gland
-children's hips


- heart
-neck artheries
- body
-upper extremities
-lower extremities

* Doppler indexes
* Capillaroscopy
* Minor surgical interventions
* Hemorrhoids and Proctological intervention
* Rewinding
* Care of wounds
* Home treatment
* Laser vein therapy, capillary

Therapy with a hyperbaric chamber of a diabetic foot, chronic wounds, extremities, neurotrophic and venous ulcers.

Ultrasound scan of color duplex scan, on home visit.

Consultants are prof. Belgrade University and surgeons OB Pancevo and doctors from other specialties where necessary consultations, the anesthesiologist, internist, radiologist, oncologist, dermatologist and others.



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