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    Stonecutters Pancevo

    Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    In business since: 2019.

    Our main activity involves full undertaking services. We transport the deceased and also produce and trade in undertaking equipment.

    With years of experience we offer the service of transporting the deceased from EU states.

    Transporting the deceased in our country and abroad is done using specialized vehicles for that purpose.

    Due to this the place of death (city, state) determines the procedure protocol - our company will in agreement with the family obtain the required paperwork and help them transport the deceased as soon as possible using specialized vehicles.

    We also own the stonecutting workshop “KAMENOREZAC IGOR”

    Our years of experience guarantees the quality of services we offer.

    Call us so we can discuss anything you need.

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