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    Service Machine Pancevo

    Address: 30k Bavanistanski put st., Pancevo

    "VILJUSKAR" is a company that began work in 1996 in Pancevo, specializing in forklifting services and servicing forklifts of various types and sizes.

    As a new service we now also sell car parts and replacement parts for all kinds of forklifts.

    Our years of success and our many satisfied customers are our best recommendation.

    Our main activities involve:
    - Forklifting services (loading and unloading)
    - Repairing forklifts
    - Machine excavations
    - Truck transportation
    - Selling forklift parts
    - Selling manual forklifts of various loading capacity
    - Retail sale of car parts, car cosmetics, oil and lubricants


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