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    Restaurants Pancevo

    Address: 1 Marsala Tita st., Crepaja, Pancevo
    Website: www.naplac.rs


    The tavern and restaurant "NA PLAC" in Crepaja, just outside Pancevo was renovated in April 2014 and reopened in a place where the first tavern in the village used to be located.

    It was equipped in the spirit of past times and enriched with details from old days.

    We are equipped in the spirit of past times and enriched with the details from older days.

    On the walls you can see authentic photographs of old Crepaja families, households, some of which dating back from the second half of 19th century.

    “Na Plac” is a complex consisting of cafes and restaurants.

    We have two gardens: in front and behind the object.

    There is also a nicely arranged park and children’s playground.

    Behind the restaurant, in the yard, there is a small marketplace with stands and shops.

    The restaurant also offer possibilities of organizing celebrations but also different presentations and lectures related to agriculture, seed production, pesticides, herbicides, compost and more.


    As a part of Almex system, the restaurant “NA PLAC” we serve meat and vegetable from Almex farms where we apply a unique system of production “from the field to the meal”.

    Our meat is high quality and includes: chicken, pork, veal, all grown on control-produced grains and special recipes.

    When it comes to traditional specialties we’d like to recommend drumsticks under the stone, smoked ham, roast under the stone (lamb, veal, pork...) Banat traditional lunch, mixes, soups and other specialties.

    Feel the spirit and flavors of old times, allow them to create new stories of old.

    In the comfortable atmosphere of our restaurant with delicious wines and other aperitif our guests can try all our specialties from the new stone stove where we only burn pure birch wood.

    Working hours: 7AM – 10PM

    Reservations: 013/671-971 and 063/354-718