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Optics "Una" has existed for 34 years of which 20 years in Pancevo.

Its reputation is based on the family tradition.

Continuing with the tradition and directing their business strategies according to modern forms of business and new services, confirming the image of a dynamic and modern business partners, we follow the requirements of the market and our customers.

So far we have tried to provide the best possible service in the field of our profession.

We tried each year be the best we.

Today we can offer as part of Optics "Una" and the services of specialist ophthalmological surgery "Una" in which you can make:

1. The general ophthalmic examination
2. diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
3. computerized examination of intraocular pressure
4. Survey of fundus (holdings)
5. Investigating stereo vision (Ortorether)
7. Defect on color and tear defects
8. Overview of glasses and contact lenses
9. computerized visual field
10. Little eye surgery

The obtained results of the review at the same time realize the getting glasses or contact lenses.

Checks are carried out in modern equipped eye clinic.

We are the only city that can provide a complete service, from the views to obtain glasses or lenses kontaktinih all in one place, at Zarka Zrenjanina 25a.

When the examination of doctors, provide you with that in a modern eyewear shop choose:


Zeiss, Hoya, Essilor, OCD, Pol, Grossoptic, Opticus ...


All renowned manufacturers:

Baush & Lomb, Hydron, Soleko, Boston, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision ...

As well as numerous resources for maintenance.


Of the numerous models of prescription frames (frames for vision correction) in our offer you can get all the models the worlds top manufacturers and designers, and their selection is based on experiential monitoring global trends and the wishes and needs of our customers.

The most modern materials of special alloys, precious metals, plastics and special top-treated glass, guarantees the durability and quality of all products we offer.

With our experience we will help you in the choice of taking care of your needs with expert suggestions in line with your personal facial physiognomy.

Due to the large number of high-end models of high quality final choice with our professional suggestion though is at the end of your personal choice.

All our patients are introduced into the computer archive with permanent monitoring.


weekdays: 09-19h

At your service we have all day.