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    Decoration, decorative items Pancevo

    Address: 11 Milosa Obrenovica st., Pancevo

    The magic begins here for you. Welcome to the world of balloons.
    Share the joy with your loved ones and make them smile, in a different way, a way with balloons!
    Our product offer consists of latex balloons, foil balloons in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and patterns, Tegic various weights and shapes, candles, banners, decorative bags and boxes, stuffed toys, plates, napkins, hats, confetti, fireworks ...
    The offer we make of the simplest balloon to Disney characters in sizes up to two meters.
    We make and deliver the decorations, pack gifts in balloons, the balloon is filled with air or helium on site.
    We offer balloon and explosions, columns of balloons, spiral balloon in the balloon, flowers, clusters, hearts on the stand, the bride and groom from balloons, balloon figures -klovan, Smiley, Mickey and Minnie Mouse ...
    Our offer can supplement your celebrations - weddings, birthdays, gala openings, promotions, anniversaries, bachelorette parties.
    Visit us and see the quality and diversity.
    Together we will make magic !!!