Address: nn Zabran, Obrenovac
Obrenovac Phone: +381 69 262 79 99
4/ 5stars

Our raft restaurant in Obrenovac has been working successfully since December 2004.

We are located in the Zabran vacation lot, on the river Sava just outside Obrenovac.

Our restaurant is decorated completely in wood with large windows that offer a good view of the water. We are recognizable for our unique ambiance and polite, professional staff.

What we would like to point out as our main quality is the excellent Lavazza esspresso coffee which our guests can enjoy to the sounds of jazz and blues music.

During the season you can cool off by taking a swim in one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Also during summer we serve club food like 'club' sandwich, Caesar salad, 'Steak' sandwich as well as barbecue, pancakes and such.

Throughout the year we occassionally on the weekends organize excellent rock gigs with some of the most famous brands in Serbia and sometimes we also host tamburitza bands.

Tabacco club organizes various types of celebrations.

Every year on the 1st of Deember we traditionally host a costume party for the anti-Aids day.

For more information call: 069/26-27-999, Aleksandar.