Address: 161 Cara Dusana st., Novi Slankamen
Novi Slankamen Phone: +381 60 591-0160

Phone 2: +381 69 516 1288
Email: info@dom-preporod.co.rs
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Home for the Elderly "Revival 161" is located in Novi Slankamen in Cara Dusana 161 thereof.

We are located 40km from Belgrade and 30km from Novi Sad.

We are the first licensed institution of this type in the Sremska Mitrovica District.

About our customers cares professionals, which make a general practitioner, nurses and carers.

The institution offers a complete medical treatment and medical monitoring user 24 hours.

Depending on the health status and needs, organizing specialist examinations and additional diagnostics.

In the event that the client's health condition requires it, engages and physiotherapist.

Besides the full care, are organized and meetings, both for mobile and for semi-mobile and stationary users.
Within our institution is also a spacious courtyard.

Is regulated so as to enable users to walk, rest and stay in the open space and fresh air.

Our only and biggest goal is to provide our customers a safe and peaceful old age.

The cost of housing ranges from 35,000 dinars.