Address: 104 bulevar Cara Lazara st., Novi Sad
Novi Sad Phone: +381 64 593 52 15
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Dog Wash Bubble - self-service dog washing salon is the place where all the problems related to pet grooming simply wash away!

Our mission is clear - you get a clean puppy and the entire hassle around the resulting mess in the washroom leave to us.

It is our goal that you never dread when it's time to bathe your pet.

Come, try us and see that bathing yoru pet has never been easier.

At the stop, wash and go principle we offer you all that you need to bring your dog in order.

Come, bathe your puppy and leave - it's easy as one, two, three.

Dog Wash Bubble is very simple to use and guaranteed to save you time, money and hassle.

Forget all the problems that you've had bathing your pet.

We turn those problems into fun and pleasure for both you and your pet.

The guarantees for this include: kind staff, homey atmosphere, a bunch of available and clean towels, all sorts of brush, ear and eye lotion and the seven programs we offer:

- Disinfecting the tub for your pet
- Shampoo - diluted concentrate in 1:3 ratio
- Anti-flea and tick shampoo - diluted concentrate in 1:3 ratio
- Regenerator: diluted concentrate in 1:3 ratio
- Rinsing, clean water
- Drying using specialized pet blow dryer
- Stop/pause - can stop the treatment at any moment.

Self-service Dog Wash Bubble dog wash came into being out of pure love for pets.

You and your pet will feel at home.

We offer new concept of maintaining your dogs' hygiene.

The concept that shortens the time of bathing and saves money, spares you the mess and makes bath time fun.

It is our vision that we move the mess involved in bathing your dog away from your home.

You get a clean puppy without stress or mess.

It is our goal that you never dread the bathrime of your pet.

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