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CONSTRUCTION CARPENTRY - DEVELOPMENT, SALES AND INSTALLATION Doors and windows have to meet your needs for aesthetics, but also to be functional and to give you security. The windows are made of laminated elements of the so-called three-tiered lepljenica thick 8 x 7 cm, with a radial incision without extensions in the face and optimal dryness of 10% ± 2% Glass that is fitted to the windows is 4 + 16 + 4 plexiglass or vacuum. Where can achieve good thermal and sound insulation. Hardware that is used in making the window decor is mostly from various manufacturers such as. newsprint, Gu sigenija, Vabis and others. In the bottom of the window, a significant role in the collection of moisture and water and turning it down a window boards of anodized aluminum, which serves to protect the lower horizontal element of water. When making the front door which is also made of quality wood dryness indicated above should be noted that in addition to the classical closure (usually locks), uses and side shutter with 5 accepts that provides better sealing and additional security. Finishing and coating / painting / coating for the most advanced methods of spraying. The first is applied Impregnant with fungicide action and then varnish with polished between the procedures. primer is made in two layers, and one finish coat. Italian varnish used water-based manufacturer, whose manufacturer resistance in the declaration guarantees up to 10 years and who is pushing environmentally. If you do and quality installation of windows and doors, then extending the service life of each product. Our offer includes the manufacture, sale and installation of doors and windows comprising: • Windows: single-winged, double • Door: entry, room, patio • shutters, blinds • stairs • skylights • mosquito net FURNITURE - KITCHEN, BEDS, TABLES American closets Although you may feel the home furnishing and interior decoration is almost impossible to do without friction between you and a partner, when you have an expert help will be much easier to bring your desires. Apart from making the spatial possibilities suggest the best solution, and will help you select appropriate color and style. Especially when it comes to cuisine, which, as a rule, the minimum size and light sources. It is therefore necessary to incorporate the colors and shapes, and conduct the installation, in order to achieve the best effect. Cleverly arranged wood and glass elements will give a special charm to your kitchen. And not just the kitchen. Cabinets, American closets, TV and computer desks made of wood, in your draft, refine the room where you stay and will make you feel good. Married, children and single person made according to your dimensions sweeten dream. A shoe that fit into each corridor, will help to get rid of unnecessary clutter in the apartment or house. Manufacture of wood furniture is a pleasure to us, and we want the same thing to you when our products become part of your exterior and interior.