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    Genetics Novi Sad

    Address: 11 Vojvodjanskih Brigada st., Novi Sad

    Practice of Genetics and Pediatrics, Dr. Popić - PALJIĆ

    Clinics of Pediatrics and Genetics are located in the center of Novi Sad, in the street, "VOJVOĐANSKIH BRIGADE" No. 11th OBJECTIVE existence of this sort of practice is the birth of as many healthy baby, and their more healthier adulthood.

    CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN WATER carefully selected team of experts. Courtesy of staff and a pleasant atmosphere in the surgery ECH each visit beautiful DO YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN.

    In the time we live in health care must consist of prevention rather than treatment! Prevention can be implemented prior to conception, during pregnancy, after birth and throughout life. Through genetic counseling prevention begins before and after conception to birth of a healthy baby! After birth control and counseling in pediatric practice allows your baby to grow up in a healthy child.

    Days of pregnancy are a joy but also a concern for all prospective parents. We want to enjoy every moment of those moments when your child develops and grows, and patiently waiting for their parents-most important moment in the life of the Nativity. Practice of Genetics will refer you to possible courses of development of your child through genetic history of his ancestors. It is possible to determine the susceptibility to certain diseases and work on:
    * Preventing the birth of the sick,
    * Prevent the development of disease in those born with certain hereditary diseases and
    * Disposal of the disease.

    Concern about the health of all the parents of the child occupied. The safest way to protect your kids is prevention and avoidance of disease. Expert advice and assistance at all stages of child development is the task of our practice of pediatrics. We strive to provide you with better our expertise and knowledge in order to minimize inconvenience gone through all the stages of your child's development. A team of experts from various specjalnosti takes care of certain segments of your child's health.


    Ensuring a healthy baby with a high degree of safety is achieved through genetic counseling, which should pass each couple.
    During an interview in counseling based on years of married couples, occupation, family tree and exposure to harmful činiocina in pregnancy, a geneticist discovers that any problems can be pregnant and have a baby future and gives guidelines for appropriate testing and avoidance of hazards.


    Genetic counseling visit some married couples should do before pregnancy or if our family has a problem with anomalies, hereditary diseases, diseases that are piling up in the family and there is a possibility that diseases that exist in families with hereditary basis.
    Modern methods in genetics that allow certain married couples who previously would not have chosen to be parents achieve parenthood without problems.
    Although I believe that a high standard of health care means that every couple passes genetic counseling, those who need it the following couples:

    Couples who need genetic counseling
    - Those who already have an affected child,
    - Where there is a person in the family with a hereditary disease or anomaly,
    - Where one of the spouses holder disorder hereditary material (chromosomes)
    - Those where the husband turned 33 and her husband 45 or more years and more,
    - With repeated fetal mortality or stillborn children,
    - Suffering from infertility
    - Pregnancy resulting from artificial insemination,
    - Whose family has a buildup of certain diseases,
    - In whose families there are people with retardation in physical, psychological - or mental disability,
    - Pregnant women who suffer from chronic diseases, which in the course of pregnancy
    - Any treatment or drugs, that are exposed to chemicals, infections and zraženju.

    Methods proposed for married couples

    These methods include expert ultrasound and biochemical methods. With 12 gn expert do an ultrasound to discover who is called. markers of chromosomal abnormalities. Examples are the thickness of the baby's neck and the length of the nasal bone.
    At the same time, the so-called blood drawn. Double test. At 16 weeks of gestation is the so-called triple test. When is an expert ultrasound and biochemical tests normal, hereditary disorder of the material is off about 90%, 10% risk of a married couple takes on. If any of the pathological markers is proposed and validated a young pregnant woman hereditary material baby.
    Those couples who want 100% security decisions to the analysis of amniotic fluid cells.
    - The couple saopšatava the risk of disease and potential risk of methods to choose their own spouses who can not accept the risk.
    - Upon receipt of the findings, if the baby is sick, the spouses can decide whether to keep the baby or not based on complete information that you receive in counseling.

    One must keep in mind that the VE? INA baby is healthy! CHECK IS REQUIRED TO MAKE SURE WE WERE IN HEALTH BABIES.

    METHODS Prenatal diagnosis of

    If it is about a couple who already have a child with the disorder hereditary material (chromosomes), where a pregnant woman has a couple of years, the risk to get this child or a spouse holder "peaceful " change the hereditary material (it is a change that the holder does not threatening but they have a high risk of getting sick offspring), it is recommended pair ovakovom one of the methods for checking the hereditary material (chromosomes) by karyotype analysis, most of the cells of the amniotic fluid, placental villi or fetal blood.
    Taking the amniotic fluid is called amniocentesis, performed with ultrasound which means that it is safe for the baby (not catching the baby, since the ultrasound see where), we take the fruit 20ml vode.Uzimanje not painful because the abdominal wall does not a lot of nerves. This method is between 16 and 18 weeks gestation and. The risk of the method is less than 0.5%.
    The result of the analysis in our office receives for 8-10 days.
    Taking CVS villi (placenta) is between 11 and 13 and gn, also under ultrasound. Earlier onset is not recommended as it carries certain risks. The result of the analysis are given in our office in 1-2 days.
    With 22 or more weeks of gestation is cordocentesis-fetal blood sampling from the umbilical cord, control ultrazvuka.Rizik of the method is about 1%. The result of the analysis are given in our office in 3-4 days. The method is designed for hereditary blood disease but it can be done as needed and in suspected chromosome disorder.

    Highest number of children parents receive between 20 and 30 years, as in most, it is the reason that most of the sick children they get. To them have been introduced so. "Screening methods " to prevent the birth of children with the disorder hereditary material.


    Dear parents, may I sincerely congratulate you on the birth of your child and wish you and your child all the best for the future. During the growth and development of the child's problems arise and concerns that need to be as easy as before and it resolved. To this end the practice of pediatrics you:
    - Monitoring child growth and development from birth to late adolescence,
    - Prevention of diseases through:
    - Counseling on newborn care and answers,
    - Advice about nutrition and the prevention of rickets and caries
    - As well as other problems that occur during the development of the child.

    Early recognition and treatment is also important in improving the health of children.

    In addition to pediatric subspecialists provide overviews of specific areas predijatrije. If in our office, the problem can not be resolved we will refer you to the right place.