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Salon for bioenergy therapy and body massage AROUND THE UNIVERSE 5 was registered 28.11.1995 . in Novi Sad.

Anabela Flora is a graduate social worker and family therapist . Training in psychotherapy ended 24 February 1987 with Professor Dr. Vladimir Hudolin , her personal mentor was professor of psychiatry Dr. Maurizio Troncoso , the Department of Neurology, Psychiatry , alkohologiju and other addictions Clinical Hospital " Dr. Mladen Stojanovic " Zagreb .

With the gift of healing Anabela encountered in early childhood , when she was 3.5 years . This was the first time she had an unusual vision . And later, her entire life is interwoven various and unusual events that were associated with her natural talent .

Meeting with a group of bioenergy therapist in 1993. with the Institute ENIOM from Moscow and their perceptions
its ability to open her path to the Institute in Moscow. Her current colleagues were talking about her and her gift

Director General of the Institute then academician , doctor of medical sciences and psychology specialists in complementary and folk medicine and healing touch Jacob Grigorievich Galperin . Anabela was invited by the Institute to report 22 Novemba 1994th and that access to schooling for bioenergy therapist .

That year, Anabela and completed training for bioenergy therapist and received her diploma entitled

registered with the Institute under no No.3178

During training Anabela at the same time working with patients at the Institute . Based on their findings that she has great talent as a healer was a guest of Radio " Moscow" where she talked about her talent . At the request of listeners Anabela was the second time by Radio " Moscow" .

Based on the results of work in January in 1998. The Annabelle Flora received a special diploma

FOR BEST healer in 1997
registration number No.026

On 18.02.1998 . The Annabelle Flora 's degree in their field as bioenergy therapist and received his master's degree

MASTER folk medicine
registration number No.000138

Day 05 February 2011 Anabela Flora was awarded an honorary diploma for flawless operation and high professionalism in the healing business

under registration number No.0206

Anabela Flora in the former Yugoslavia completed her studies for a social worker and family therapist . In this profession, he worked for eight years . Psychotherapy is dealt five and a half years in the Department of Psychiatry in Croatia and two and a half years for refugees in Montenegro , working in Denmark Commissariat for Refugees, where she worked as a coordinator and therapist .

Practice in the field of bioenergy with psychotherapy seriously , she started in 1992. years , then after obtaining a diploma in 1994 at the Institute in Moscow moved from Montenegro in her favorite city Novi Sad , where the firm opened on 28.11.1995 titled " ABOUT SPACE 5 " and continues to engage in bioenergetics , psychotherapy and healthy eating .

Anabela Flora is an accurate diagnostician in person and the picture (the picture is a matrix and is full of information on
us , but everyone is not possible to interpret this information ) .
It reveals the causes of disorders in the body and helps to eliminate them .

From 1992 until today, Anabela Flora worked as a bioenergy therapist and psychotherapist at the Institute ENIOM in Moscow to Montenegro in Tivat and Podgorica , Bosnia and Herzegovina , in Bijeljina and Banja Luka , Serbia , in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

The company " AROUND THE UNIVERSE 5 " in Novi Sad and Anabela Flora performs therapy in her salon , which is located in Prince Marko 53/1 and it is the only place in Novi Sad, where it provides its services .
Anabela Flora has 20 - year experience in practical work with patients and can say that it has achieved remarkable results on the basis of written and oral statements of patients .


Bioenergy - the life force - energy that we absorb into his material body to maintain health. It is a universal energy - which is a very gentle, visible to the naked eye , but not for anyone who has the strength and power to run the whole body . It flows through the energy meridians , channels and points akopukturnih vital centers - chakras .

Our life is very often under continuous negative external influences , npr.stres , irregular and unhealthy diet , climate change .

If these negative external effects last for a long time , can significantly disrupt the flow of energy in our energy field ( aura ) and it will have a negative impact on our material body ..
These changes to the material level of our being will lead to the development of the disorder and this will create some changes called disease .

In various nations for life energy , there are different names: Reiki , translated from Japanese means universal energy ( rei - universal, Ki- energy) . In China it is called Chi , Prana in India and in Western countries bioenergy , which means life energy (bios - life ) .

Bioenergy is the life force - subtle energy, which is the basis of life and without which nothing would exist . When the vital centers , meridians and acupuncture points comes to stopping the flow , there are manifestations of the disorder , and after a long period of developing certain diseases to physical or psychological level in humans .

The difference between the name of Reiki and Bioenergy there because both have the same meaning , called by another name .. Name Reiki comes from the Japanese language and Bioenergy from Latin.

You need to make a distinction between BIOENERGOTERAPEUTI who have a natural gift of healing and therapists with a variety of the course in the field of energy ( Reiki Master , and other techniques ) .
Reiki is the person who completed a course of Reiki , and people do not have the innate talent , reportedly could be gearing ( translater ) bioenergy , initiation to jest.pročiščavanjem subtle channels through which the energy while working on other treatments do not waste your energy on healing .

The paradox is that reiki say that people with natural talent in most cases work with " his energy ," and after the treatment must be charged with the help of meditation , breathing exercises or some other method .
It is a tragicomic and most absurd I've ever heard in my long career . I'm very sorry that many people assume the right to speak untrue , it was very unprofessional , anything written , but not up to it .

But censorship does not exist and that everyone is allowed to write to experience working with bioenergy.
The real BIOENERGOTERAPEUTI called those people who are born with the gift of healing, or a person with whom the gift of healing can develop over a long period of time , through a lot of work on it in the spiritual , physical and mental level , during the life of the spiritual growth that lasts for years .

BIOENERGOTERAPEUTI can transmit energy or tapping on a certain distance. People with natural talent can be trained or not , of course it is much better to educate the gift.
There are bad and good BIOENERGOTERAPEUTI but there are strong and weak, depending on what the receiver of cosmic energy such as conveyors and ( translater ) and life energy to another human energy field depending on how strong
cosmic main channel .

BIOENERGOTERAPEUTI with a great gift that can read information on the Biofield and perform correction on the basis of
perceptions are psychic .

These are the rare people in the world there are 3 %, and this category includes yours truly .

Psychics and healers with unique ABILITIES