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Polyclinic Hope Diva, Novi Sad **** NEW **** LUMENIS Light Sheer Duet, the most sophisticated model of diode lasers is a renowned company in the production of Lumenis lasers marketed. Setting a new standard in laser hair removal technology, integration with a larger vacuum hendpisa 22x35mm spot, the system LUMENIS Light Sheer Duet offers significant improvements over the current technology: It is now considered the gold standard in the field of epilation for possessing unique capabilities: Thanks to the integrated treatment in a vacuum leads to stretching of the skin where the laser energy is not wasted on other structures of the skin but are all directed to the hair follicle and so achieve maximum effect. This allows the laser treatment for all skin types from lightest to darkest, and several types of hair and thinner than the lightest to darkest. The thicker, thanks to a combination of different possibilities pulse length, frequency and fluensa. Vacuum technology and assisting greatly increased spot of laser light (22x35mm) provides significantly better penetration of laser energy, a shorter treatment time of 75% over the previous generation of lasers for example. treatment of leg or back takes a maximum of 15 minutes. The treatment is absolutely painless, requires no pre-season in terms of pouring anesthetic creams and gels as the base is safe for maximum protection for the skin and create the maximum effect within 3-6 treatments, all parts of the body where there is unwanted hair. Treat yourself to the most effective laser hair removal performed by physicians with extensive experience in working with lasers! Dermatology - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation DERMATOLOGY - Specialist examination for skin and venereal diseases - Youth: review and removal of moles Radio wave method or the standard surgical intervention - Dermoscopy: an additional check moles for early recognition of melanoma - Warts, keratosis, fibroma: a whole radiowaves are removed surgically or by laser, painless and quick - Acne: Lasers are most effective and safest method to treat acne without side effects. - Scars: Fraxel laser is the latest laser technology, leading to the formation of new collagen in the skin and filled by a scar, while a flat surface of the skin. - Hyperpigmentation: spots, freckles, solar lentigo, melasma ... - Rosacea: a combination treatment of two lasers - Capillaries: the successful removal of varicose veins on the face and body to a diameter of 4mm red, purple or blue - Hemangiomas: dotted red skin lesions are treated by laser and radio waves AESTHETIC MEDICINE - Bore and laser skin lifting: Fraxel Laser Treatment is most successful method for the treatment of wrinkles, erase wrinkles and lifting effect achieved by tightening the skin. - Fillers: filling wrinkles and lip enlargement and correction of temporary and permanent effects - Botox: tension, wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. - Epilation: with 2 types of laser permanent removal of dark hair - Mesotherapy: insert micro injection of hyaluronic acid and vitamin cocktails for rejuvenation and tightening the skin of the face, neck and chest - Lipolysis: entering cocktails for the breakdown of fat - Cavitation: ultrasound lipolysis, cellulite treatment and localized fat deposits in the stomach, hips, knees, back, upper arm. - Stretch marks: the most effective method for removing stretch marks by laser PLASTIC SURGERY - Male Surgical interventions: local anesthetic removal of moles, tumors, atheroma, lipoma, dermatofibroma, granuloma ... Radio wave-remove warts on the foot Ingrown nail surgery Surgical correction of ear shells under local anesthesia Correction and tightening of the upper and lower eyelids PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION - Rheumatic Diseases: - Rehabilitation after injury - Physical Therapy