Address: Dunavska 000, Futog
Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 895-406, +381 63 888-2123

Email: splavdunavacfutog@gmail.com
Web: www.splavdunavac.net
4/ 5stars

Restaurant raft Dunavac is located at 1272km of the Danube River, in Futog, known also as Cerevicka ferry. The closeness of the Danube River and the fish pond enables recreation: hunting (there is accommodation for dogs), fishing, boat rides, bicycle rides, walks and bird watching. We are widely known for our fish stew and other fish specialties in which you can enjoy with good tambura players band and a great view over the Danube River and Fruska Gora Mountain. Close to the restaurant there are very well equipped bungalows. Each room has a bathroom, a TV set and a mini bar.