Address: 181 Kej Skopskih zrtava st, Novi Pazar
Novi Pazar Phone: +381 20 389 170
Phone 2: +381 63 628 005
Phone 3: +381 63 103 09 01
Email: office@florida.rs
Web: www.florida.rs
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1994 FLORIDA LTD, started production in 1994 from a small family manufacturing operations and constant innovation has grown into a true modern factory, which manufactures men's and women's program.

For years a successful business with many customers in Serbia and in Yugoslavia bifše countries. Department of designers and modellers take care of every detail in the drawing, which should attract the attention of demanding customers.

Models after the approval of team go into further processing, the next phase involves harsh connection with the order taking care to track the descriptive lines that are already recognized trademark in the market, then processed by models fitted to the final product.

Finally, following a detailed review, team evenntualnim consultation on amendments and final packaging.

Great passion for work and an endless desire for innovation, leading the company towards new goals, and these are within reach high standards in European production and increasing capacity and developing new markets.

We are located in Novi Pazar, the production is at Wharf Skoplje 181 victims, and our retail stores are at 28 and May 1, Rifat Burzdevića 17, also of Novi Pazar.