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    Doors and windows Novi Pazar

    Address: nn 12. srpske brigade, Novi Pazar

    PVC  windows and doors

    There are many windows made using low-quality profiles in our market, mostly from Turkey and Bulgaria, whose functionality drops after a few seasons.

    We have decided to design a window out of high quality German KBE profile that will be available to the average consumer.

    Fully automated production, high quality frame, swift production times and good sealing on the glass guarantees quality.

    We give a 10 year guarantee on our profile.

    Window prices:
    - 50x50 - 32e
    - 60x60 - 43e
    - 80x120 - 74e
    - 80x140 - 81e
    - 140x140 - 143e
    - 160x140 - 156e
    - 180x140 - 163e
    - 80x200 - 107e
    - 80x220 - 115e
    - 140x210 - 195e

    Working hours:
    9AM – 5PM

    Contact: Quay 12, no-number Srpske brigade street, 36300 Novi Pazar (to Meto restaurant)

    "Stolarija, vrata, prozori" Facebook page 

    "Nemacki PVC prozori" Facebook page 

    Phone numbers: