Address: 1 Trg Oslobodjenja st., Novi Becej
Novi Becej Phone: +381 63 715 71 63
Phone 2: +381 23 775 038
Email: nasdomnb@gmail.com
4/ 5stars

Milk restaurant "11 Plavih" is located next to the beautiful park surrounded by sextagenerean trees.

Culture home and hotel is 50m a pedestrian area - queue near our restaurant. Two spaceous rooms can take in over 40 persons and our popular guarden can take in the same number.

Throughout the day we serve around ten kinds of fresh pastries and several types of sandwiches - hot-dog and school pizza are still the favourite student snack. With our versatility and quality of our cakes and sweets we carry on the tradition of Novi Becej bakers.

The children love us not only for our confectionaries and countless kinds of ice-cream, but also for the fact that they celebrate their birthdays with us.

In our offer we have: cakes, confectionaries, ice-cream, cups, beers, alcoholic beverages, wines, sodas and water. In our milk restaurant "11 Plavih", a good time is guaranteed. nasdomnb@gmail.com