Address: 56 Cara Dusana st., Nova Pazova
Nova Pazova Phone: +381 69 140 80 00
Phone 2: +381 64 118 80 55
Email: vulkanizer.milak@gmail.com
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Independent tire-repair shop "MILAK" 14 years on this address, and we have a total 28 years with you.

Thanks to quality work and cooperation with faithful customers we try to always leave satisfied from us.

Drive safely with your family and friends.

What do you think we do !!!

- Used tires
- Alloy wheels
- New steel wheels
- Correction and welding aluminum wheels
- Motorcycle Tire
- Motorcycle Accessories
- Replacement of motorcycle tires
- Installation of dismantling tires
- Tire
   (balancing the need to prevent impacts arising from the imbalance of moving parts (vibration))