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    Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Nova Pazova

    Address: 1 Vojvode Stepe st., Nova Pazova
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    In business since: 1968.

    The best and most economic solution for constructing fences turned up in the form of poly-vinyl chloride.

    PVC is a material that is resistant to UV radiation and the final processing is such that it makes the fence smooth and glossy. The material is colored throughout its whole surface, so it’s difficult to spot any eventual scratches.

    The fences are produced in several colors that are pretty stable and don’t alter their shade under exterior influences.

    The most important fact however is that PVC fences – other than occasional water washing – doesn’t require any special maintenance, which is unheard of for other types of materials.

    PVC fences use galvanized steel profiles which give it special durability and in combination with the thickness of the walls of PVC profiles, it ensures that the fence won’t break or bend and that the surface color won’t peel or react to exterior influences.

    If you are still not sure whether you want a plastic fence, we will mention a few more things:

    - PVC fences will never rot or degrade like wooden ones
    - PVC fences will never rust like metal ones
    - At the start of it, PVC fences are not significantly more expensive than wooden or metal ones, but in the long run don’t require as much maintenance.
    - PVC fences can be easily washed with water and sponge if needed
    - PVC fences don’t need to be painted every year

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