Address: 24 Poljski put st., Nova Pazova
Nova Pazova Phone: +381 22 321 262
Phone 2: +381 63 335 412
Phone 3: +381 63 535 579
Fax: +381 22 323 745
Email: office@miba.rs
Web: www.miba.co.rs
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The company "Miba Engineering" was founded in early 1998 as a firm of modest capacities and possibilities but the tendency towards progress and a higher level of quality has grown into a serious competitor companies in the field of expertise.

It is located in Nova Pazova and commercial-production part covers in the house of about 800 square meters.

Its main activity is the production of aluminum and PVC.

For 10 years the company has mainly placed its products in domestic and small part on the international market.

In the last 5 years the company has experienced significant growth in the market, but the mind of the leading figures of the company is still training, modernization, raising the quality of productive even higher level, and thus meet the needs of customers and penetration into new markets.

The main activities of the company are production:

- Aluminium and PVC
- The Shop and portals
- Aluminium sliding and harmonic elements
- Aluminum roof structures
- The facade of Alubond
- Aluminium facade (structural and semi-structural)
- Aluminum fences
- Thermo-insulated glass
- Steel Structures