Address: Village Prosek, Niska banja, Nis
Nis Phone: +381 64 575 57 57
4/ 5stars

The restaurant was opened in 1991.
The manner of preparing food is traditional, the recipes from the region.
The restaurant is known for its local cuisine and native delicacies.
Outstanding cuisine based on dishes from some forgotten time (lamb, goat, pork, homemade bread, mutton in sauce, Pie, Sheep cheese, stuffed peppers, a large selection of lenten dishes ...)

The traditional way of saving cooking - in a wood furnace
  - Pork, goat, lamb
  - Lamb in sauce boneless
Experience the true taste of the national cuisine in the beautiful surroundings!

- The dishes of this region

- Salads of all kinds, homemade buns

- All kinds of grilled meat

- Fasting kitchen

- Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages


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