Address: 20/III/2 Jovana Ristica st., Nis
Nis Phone: +381 18 4244-632, 4294-090

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Specialist Clinic for Internal Medicine INTER-MEDICA Dr. LOVIĆ clinic specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients in the field of internal medicine. Decision of the Ministry of Health of 15.04.2004 clinic INTER-MEDICA Dr. Lović started its own offices and radom.Osnivač Dr. Dragan B. Lovic, a specialist in internal medicine. Within the cabinet there are several clinics in various fields of internal medicine, staffed by top experts and equipped with the most modern devices for accurate diagnosis of the disease. In practice INTER-MEDICA Dr. LOVIĆ is possible to do the necessary analysis and test the in a short period of time, primarily in the following areas: * Internal Medicine * Rheumatology * Cardiology * Laboratory tests in the office there is a center for early diagnosis and treatment of hypertension . Thanks to their work and professional contacts, doctors offices, etc. INTERMEDICA-Lovic, made contacts with many institutions in Serbia and throughout Europe. Thus, to successfully collaborate with: Clinical Center of Serbia, Institute for kardiovaskulrne Dedinje disease, clinical centers Bežanijska Hair, Clinical Center Nis, Institute Sremska Kamenica, and many other Health Care Institution.

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