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    Lodging Nis

    Address: Mramorsko brdo nn, Nis



    Twelve rooms with bathroom and king sized beds.  

    We would like to notify our guests that we opened a new hall for smaller celebrations of up to 80 guests.

    For all clients who are organizing their celebrations with us, we have prepared gift surprises.

    - Wedding celebrations for up to 150 guests, bride will get a wedding gown for rent per her own selection

    - Coming of age parties for over 100 guests, birthday boy/girl gets a DVD player gift

    - For 1st birthday celebrations for over 100 guests, the child will get a gift bicycle.

    All our clients get free invitations and posters. MENU:

    - Cold entree – per person: pork sirloin, smoked beef, smoked neck, smoked sausage, ham, cheese, ½ egg.

    - Seasonal salad

    - Pie

    - Cornbread 

    - Soup (chicken, beef) or gastronomical sauté

    - Home-baked round bread

    - Main course:

    Variant 1: chicken leg, patty, barbecue sausage
    Variant 2: chicken leg, patty, white hanger
    Variant 3: veal medallion, rolled beef, rolled pork
    Variant 4: chicken leg, patty, rolled beef, rolled pork

    - Cabbage salad with chili peppers

    - Unlimited drinks for the duration of the festivity:

    Strong alcoholic drinks (vinjak, pelinkovac, vermout)
    Beer (jelen, lav, zajecarsko)
    White wine (grasevina, rizling, roze)
    Red wine (vranac, zdrebac)
    Mineral water – Heba
    Carbonated sodas (coca cola, fanta)
    Non-carbonated juice (peach, orange, apple)


    - The festivity lasts for 7 (seven) hours
    - Every additional hour costs 100eur in dinars
    - Organizer-host of the celebration is responsible for the behavior of their guests and any potential damages
    - Organizer-host of the celebration provides home-brewed ‘rakia’ with declaration and coffee, sugar and cake with declaration

    We also have our own wedding dress boutique “Unabella” at TC Kalca on the first floor.

    Find the latest wedding dress collection for this year.

    Within our restaurant we also do catering for companies in Nis.