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Address: 30 Stanka Vlasotinčanina st, Nis
Viber: 063/455-107
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
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In business since: 1992.
Distance from the city center of Nis: 900 m

Ivana Karadzic working as a translator from English into Serbian and vice versa. On 20th of March 1992 she became a sworn court interpreter for the English language in the District Court in Nis. Works - translates simultaneous, consecutive and written translation. For the former University Braca Karic, now Alpha University of Belgrade, School of Trade and Banking, Department of Nis, teaching business English - courses for students of third and fourth year of academic study by June 2010. In order simultaneous, consecutive and written translation for various clients, or individuals, companies and institutions: Media Center Nis - workshops for journalists support of the U.S. Embassy, a translation of various videos, programs, series and documentaries produced by MC Nis, Committee for Human Rights in Nis , PROTEKTA Nis, Nis's Resource Center, the UN - HABITAT Nis, DAAS - Nis, Nis Kvaliltet AD, enterprise quality test, Niš Airport, Seak AD Swedish - dibijanje energy from waste, the European Commission Delegation in Belgrade, Nis City, ( from 2002 to 2011), small investment forumNiš 2008, 2009;, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities of the workshop in Nis in 2009, Clinical Centre in Nis (the Second International Congress Herniologa - Workshop 2010), SECEP Belgrade - a project for the development of competitiveness and export promotion - 2010 Nis, USAID - Program and the City of Niš Strategy for the planning and promotion of security events in Nis, Nis Ecology Fair 2010, Fruit and berries Program - Danish Development Programme orchards in the south 2010, 2011; First International Symposium on Cluster 2011 LEDIB Beogradskifond for Political Excellence etc., as well as various seminars, workshops, press conferences, round tables and prezenracije platform, visits of foreign delegations in Nis, written translations of papers and documents in the following areas: management, environmental protection and energy efficiency and security, sustainable development, security, finance, accounting, electrical engineering, law, medicine ... As a court translator, has many years of experience - overaličnih translation and visa documents (birth, marriage, death, citizenship, driver's license, medical findings, statements and approvals, decisions and judgments, beliefs MIA on judging and criminal record) diplomas, certificates and translation from confirmation of full-time education, employment, wages Vidin, on the account balance at the bank, paid taxes as well - translation and verification of business documents (registration of companies, agreements, powers of attorney, contracts, warranties, licenses, certificates , income statement, statement of accounts) - Translation of business meetings, weddings ...

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