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    Central heating Nis

    Address: nn Ruzveltova st., Niška banja
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
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    In business since: 1985.
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    Marble radiators – this type of radiator consists of a marble panel that houses electrical heaters of certain strength. They are powered by electricity and are known as radiators that radiate natural heat. They are believed to heat up space the same way that natural sunlight does, so the floors and walls are warmed evenly. This type of radiator was designed to make sure that the amount of heating needed to warm up the space is reduced, so that there is up to 30% energy saved. Marble radiators reduce the possibility of dust allergies and also don’t dry up the air. Since they can be built in various sizes and are simple to set up, they go great with any interior. Every marble radiator has a thermostat which allows for economic electricity heating.

    The main features of marble panels:
    1. Durable, long-lasting and strong material
    2. Resistant to fire and water
    3. Easy to maintain
    4. Sensitive to certain chemicals and acids
    5. Available in a wide spectrum of colors and sizes

    They are perfect for decorating any room or space, be it the living room in your home or a space in a business complex, conference hall, restaurant and other places where you want to show off your good taste. By covering the walls and floors with marble panels, you show off your originality and create a feeling of luxury and elegance in your space.

    Principle of work:
    This kind of work principle doesn’t disturb the climate in your space and there is no dust disturbance from the carpets and mats. These qualities make this radiator extremely ecological. This is especially important for people with respiratory problems.

    Our marble radiator can heat up any space. You should select the power of your radiator corresponding to the size of your space, between: 400w-1400w (220V, 50Hz).

    If you have an even larger space, you should opt for a combination of multiple radiators.

    Usually it’s assumed that 1kW of installed heating bodies to warm 10m2 of your apartment to a temperature between 22-23 degrees Celsius. For example, a 40m2 space would take 4kW. Depending on the desired temperature you set on your thermostat and your isolation, the heating bodies will work for a number of hours. The better your isolation and the smaller your desired temperature, the less hours will your heating have to work. For economic consumers of energy such as our marble radiators, they will usually work 30% fewer hours during the day, when the temperatures aren’t too low (around 5 degrees C). This time of work goes up to 40% for the temperature of -10 degrees C and more. Of course it goes without saying that for this result it is expected you have some kind of medium isolation and good windows. We can approximately calculate that the installed 4kW will spend 4×0.4x24h = 38.4 kWh a day if they work 40% of the time. The total expenditure would amount to 1600kW. Every degree above demands additional, significant difference in energy consumption. In addition to this the thermal isolation is very important. No heating body and its heat radiation will make for a cheap option if our heat ‘escapes’ through weak glass or windows, balcony doors, non-isolated walls, ceilings or floors. If our walls, floors or ceiling aren’t isolated, we’re constantly leaking heat and as such our heating bodies turn on more often and work longer hours.

    Staying within these lines of energy consumption of 1600kW and having ‘cheap’ heating is possible if you have to heat small spaces, so the smaller apartments up to 40m2 are probably better off heating their space via electricity. The smaller the space, the more it pays off.

    Marble radiators benefit your home budget because so much of it tends to go to electricity for heating. It’s the main reason why you should consider how to reduce the costs of heating.

    Thanks to a specially constructed heater and an installed electronic thermostat, you can warm your home economically, pleasantly and with ease. The marble radiator spends up to 30% less energy to heat the same space, compared to other heating bodies. You can save an extra 15-20% power by reducing the temperature at night or when you’re not at home.

    5 years guarantee!

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