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    Auto wastes Nis

    Address: nn Prva Kutina st., Nis


    Water coolers, air-conditioning, fans, inter-coolers, thermostats, thermometers, shock absorbers, springs, break cyllinders, homokinetic joints, head bearings, semi-hinged discs, drums, spanners, cables, bobs, air hoses, air-conditioning, straps, ridged, exhaustion chamber, exhaust pipes, blowing and suction branch, weave, filter housing, sensor abs, hand-operated cords, clutch, hand breaks, gear shifters, hub, gas, water bottle, spilling sprinkler bottle, oil measure, fuel and oil pump, sprocketed belt seal, charter, gear shifter bearings, engine silent blow, signal lights, pinyon, tank caps, seals, window raising buttons, sun-screen lifter, siren, relay, rheostat, presostat, dryer, compressor, air-conditioning, ablender, locks exterior, interior, spoiler, rep, engine for the front and back wipers, wheel beam, servo engine, servo rearview mirror, lambda probe, shock absorbers front and back, trunk, fork, shoulder, pincers, jaws, balance spanner, accumulator bearings, control panel lights, baskets, welder, clutch set ‘zamajac’, cylinder, valves, seals, cassettes, wheels, gear shifter ball, step engine, map sensor, alternator, alnaser, towing hook, wing, front and rear bumper, semi-page, roof shifter, servo pump, antennae, sky screen, shock absorber for the hub, windscreen, glass, upholstery, seats, headlights, carpet, mask, console, plastics, boards, threshold, beam, engine torsion cover, bridge, light, command panel, mileage display, engine block, trap, radio, cd, doors front back and side, trunk, hub, spare wheels, stop lights, turbines, front, wheel covers, beams, binding metal, upper and lowerm airbags, leather for hand breaks and gear shifters, reservoir, speakers, woofer, navigation, nogostop, cords, car body in all colors.