Address: nn Badunjevska st, Negotin
Negotin Phone: +381 19 542 272
Phone 2: +381 69 203 30 26
Fax: +381 19 546 636
4/ 5stars

Home for the Elderly S. Nicholas is in Negotin and probably in the ideal position for its purpose. On the main road on the left, immediately after entering the Negotin 50m from the bus stop and only a fence away from the health center Negotin. Across the street from the home, there is a forest park with lots of greenery and so much needed fresh air. The home has a garden with many flowers and shade, for a pleasant pastime of its customers outside. It also has its own parking space and visitors are welcome in greater numbers. The building was purpose-built, with thick walls (good insulation), a high ceiling, air conditioning, central heating, clean water, both from the tap and our own source of water, so that far exceeds the standards required for such an institution. Rooms are double, triple and multiple, with television and other comforts for the user. Some rooms are specially equipped and specially furnished to accommodate a person who is immobile. There is also the dressing room, which even exceeds the needs of the home. Within the home, there is a kitchen, dining room, living room, space for therapeutic treatment, clinic, office area for staff and especially the social workers and doctor. Great importance is given to professional work, and if the law allows parties semiskilled labor, working with our customers to participate with the staff of secondary and higher medical education, is present 24 hours a day, and within the daily working hours are available to a doctor and social worker, and it is possible to consultations of specialists of all kinds. The staff is forbidden to carry on their business problems, and the house motto is: The user is always right! Our users do not take medicine themselves, but get them from the hands of health workers on behalf of doctors. Food is tailored to individual needs at home. As for their personal hygiene does not help that she does not bathe or famous sentence: Again?! Every day, the creators of this story, think and dream in this space as much to enrich and expand, and the latter if they manage to reserve a place and its very important for the golden age.