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    Used car parts Mladenovac

    Address: 100a Svetolika Rankovica st., Mladenovac
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    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Sending via mail / courier services Sending via mail / courier services
    In business since: 2010.

    Automatic gear-shifter service Lukic is expecting you in Mladenovac at 52 Kralja Petra street. The owner has a decade of experience in this domain. Thanks to the experience we amassed during our years of work in servicing car gear shifters, service “Lukic” is your best selection for all kinds of malfunctions with automatic gear shifters.

    Our main activity at service “Lukic” includes:
    - Diagnostics
    - Servicing
    - Repairs
    - Rehauls
    - Part replacement
    - Obtaining and selling spare parts

    Specialized service for all kinds of:
    - Passenger vehicles
    - Van vehicles
    - Jeeps

    - Towing service non-stop
    - Repairing engines
    - Repairing
    - Towing service non-stop
    - Repairing engines
    - Repairing electronic gear-shifting panels
    - Tip-tronic
    - Special benefits for all Alpha vehicles of all ages
    - Used parts for all models of Alpha vehicles of all ages
    - Renting towing trailers

    Years of experience with high quality services have earned our service a now hefty list of customers who trust and visit us. Knowing the entire domain of diagnostics and servicing automatic gear-shifters and offering our customers affordable prices for engine repair or rehaul or installing spare parts, Lukic is your reliable partner on the road.

    A professional relationship towards work and respecting your time and demands have slowly but surely built us up to where we are today.


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