Address: 1 Hilandarska st., Rabrovac, Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 11 821 74 78
Phone 2: +381 64 176 80 05
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Juta Commerce began its work in late 2005.

It is a company that in our market and the market of the neighboring countries creates prestige and reputation of the only manufacturers of jute cloth and jute packaging.

The company is oriented to different market segments keeping the needs of different user groups.

Products made from natural jute fibers are widely used in construction, furniture industry, shoes, carpets, mostly in agriculture as well as packaging for seeds, packaging of dried tobacco packaging and protection of seedlings and more.

We try to meet all the demands that come from business partners, thanks to the wide range of products in its production program.

In this context, we emphasize the possibility of production of jute fabric in widths of 0.70-1.45m and a density of 70-450 g / m2.