Address: 31 Nikole Pasica st., Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 11 408 10 79
4/ 5stars

Angolo di Gusto represents a restaurant with a great wine list in which prevail dishes of Italian and French cuisine.

Our concept

High quality ingredients and skilled hands of our excellent chefs agree with the selection of wines.

Excellent selection of pizzas and pasta, steak and steak, our restaurant ranks among the objects to which you can go at any time of day and the time of each meal.

Restaurants offer Angolo di Gusto:


In constant offer is exquisite veal soup and soup of the day.

Pizza & Pasta

Our skilled chefs prepare seven types of traps and nine types of pizza.

Beefsteaks and rump

The right choice for you if you like a clean meat.

Excellent selection of drinks

Excellent selection of wines and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquors.