Address: 204 Kralja Petra Prvog st., Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 11 823 07 84
Phone 2: +381 62 801 06 40
Phone 3: +381 62 801 06 41
4/ 5stars

FRIGONEKRETNINE team of professionals offers assistance in renting, purchasing and selling real estate as well as estimating real-estate value in Mladenovac.

Our agents have years of experience in the business and our technical staff will also provide swift, efficient and reliable services if you are looking for a new home, business offices, storage room or garage to rent or purchase.

We charge for our services upon realization which is the only way to not lose anything until we find the real estate you seek.

Call us because we truly understand what kind of real-estate our clients are looking for and this is why we guarantee success.

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