Address: 206 Ludoski sor st., Supljak, Palic
Ludosko lake Phone: +381 24 758 093
Phone 2: +381 24 758 082
4/ 5stars

Restaurant Gulyás csárda is located between Palic and Hajdukovo in the Lido shore next to Ludosko lake.

Our restaurant specialties include ostrich specialties, mangulitza pork, various fish, ostrich egg omelette.

We serve Hungarian specialties such as beef perklet with galuskas, chitterlings, sheep and cabbage stew, Segedin ragout soup and more.

Every Wedgnesday and Friday we have roasted lamb, beef under the stone and beans cooked in earth pots.

In addition to cooked meals, we have many ostrich products:

- Ostrich pate (50gr)
- Earth pot
- Ostrich meat goulash (200gr)
- Ostrich canned meat (75g)
- Ostrich sausages
- Smoked ostrich.

All our products can be bought at our Gulyás csárda restaurant and in better-supplied stores.

For larger quantities call us on: 0247 758-011

Szervezünk weddings, birthdays, balls, banquets, Sunday menu lunch and New Year celebrations.

Next to our restaurant there is a farm and a miniature zoo, a lake for fishing, playground for kids, sand volleyball court, rooms for rent, large parking lot for cars and busses.

Arrange for accomodations through this number: 0247 758-082.

All our rooms have bathrooms, showers, TVs and air-conditioning.

Our farm is the first ostrich farm in Serbia.

Residents of our zoo include an ostrich, an emu, a fallow deer, wild boar, lama, Indian cows, ponies, mangulitza pigs, buffalos and various birds.

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