Address: 34a Luke Stevica st., Loznicko polje, Loznica
Loznica Phone: +381 15 872-622, +381 63 830-46-15

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Zvezdice Kindergarten is an educational teaching institution where the children socialize, play and learning to know themselves and the world around them. Our work is organized into two age groups: younger than 15 months to three years and the mean mixed group of three and a half to five and a half years. Kindergarten allows children stay of 6 and 30 h to 16 h. During the day children were available for three meals: breakfast, brunch and lunch. The paper is based on developing the spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and tolerance. Care of children entrusted to the professional and creative staff, graduate tutors. Our aim is that children in kindergarten come happy and leave enriched with new knowledge, experiences and adventures. Provided the care for physical health of children by staying in the open air, daily free exercise and good nutrition. In our kindergarten are organized birthday parties and children who reside in the kindergarten, the program that is tailored to childhood. It is important that children come and go from kindergarten happy and satisfied, and that parents feel secure entrusting to us their children. It is our wish that the children develop camaraderie and acceptance of diversity, and encourage the work of their curiosity, creativity, confidence, desire to acquire new knowledge and mutual respect.