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    Polyclinics Loznica

    Address: 2 Maksima Gorkog st., Loznica

    Our clinic has been working since 2004, offering in one place a wide variety of views from different areas of modern medicine.

    In the domain of our work are:

    ENT - Ear, Nose and Throat

    - examination
    - inhalation
    - Flushing the ear
    - Small intervention
    - ultrasound
    - Radio wave surgery
    - Video endoscopy
    - audiometry

    The examinations are performed by specialists in diseases of the ear, nose and throat Dr. Dejan Radaljac M.Sc.


    - Views of moles - dermoscopy
    - ultrasound
    - Surgical reviews
    - Small intervention
    - Radio wave surgery
    - Diseases of the colon

    The examinations are performed by surgeon Dr. Kovacevic Selimir


    - inspection of the organs and the treatment of genito-urinary system
    - ultrasound
    - treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
    - surgical interventions (warts, warts

    Inspections performed by Dr Jadranka Marinković


    - the examinations and treatment of skin diseases
    - sex and venereal disease
    - reviews moles
    - dermoscopy
    - male hir. intervention (youth, warts, genital warts)

    Inspections performed by Dr Katarina Maksimović

    Opening hours clinic: