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Žensko preduzetništvo Women's entrepreneurship


Dr Mirjana Bursać Radičević

1. How did you come up with the idea to start your own business?
As soon as I finished college, I dreamed of having my own practice. I couldn't realize my ideas and dreams at the Health Center, so I decided to leave my steady job, although it was quite brave at the time. My dad made a whole list of pros and cons, but I was determined to move forward.

2. Have you always wanted to pursue your current profession?
I knew my calling would be related to medical sciences.

3. What are you proud of in your business?
I am proud first and foremost of integrating into my business the good manners and respect I brought from my family, a loving relationship with patients that is reciprocated with love. I'm proud of the base of around 12,000 patients who have passed through my practice. I'm proud of the young colleagues to whom I've given a chance to gain experience in my practice and the fact that after acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience, they've opened 4 new practices. I'm also proud of my progress, investing in modern technologies and equipment, starting with one job position in the clinic and now having three, as well as a modernly equipped waiting room and accompanying premises.

4. What is the secret of your success? (mention three qualities, behaviors, beliefs, or abilities)
Persistence, patience, and courage.

5. How understanding has your environment been, and who has been your biggest support?
My biggest support has been my family, parents, husband, daughter, sister, and her family. I listened to the opinions of those around me, but it wasn't decisive.

6. What is your guiding principle?
Knowledge is power that no one can take away from you.

7. What did you have to sacrifice?
I tried not to sacrifice anything, which required a lot of strength and energy. I worked a lot, but I always had a motivating plan.

8. What drove you forward, and how did you motivate yourself when times were tough?
Faith and hope that things would turn out well always pushed me forward, as well as a positive attitude towards life.

9. Why is it better for a woman to be an entrepreneur rather than being employed in a company?
It's better because as an entrepreneur, a woman can organize her own time and align her desires and needs.

10. How would you advise new female entrepreneurs or a younger version of yourself?
I would advise my younger self to do everything just as she did, to follow her intuition, and to believe in luck.

11. On a scale of 1-10, how challenging is it to be a female entrepreneur in Serbia?
I don't consider this to be a male job; gender equality has led us women to take on new responsibilities traditionally considered male. It's just important to be bold and give yourself a chance.

12. As a woman in the business world, how common are indecent proposals?
I ignored them.

13. Where exactly do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself in the same place, with a little more knowledge, a little more enjoyment, passing on knowledge to my daughter. With 30 years of rich clinical experience, I would love to continue helping people achieve their dream smile.

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In business since: 1998.
Through an administrative ban / installment

Dental practice with 30 years of experience in dentistry, owned by Dr. Mirjana Radičević, a specialist in the field of jaw orthopedics, offers the following services in a pleasant ambiance:

  • Free examinations and consultations
  • Treatment of dental diseases
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Prosthodontics: acrylic dentures, Visil, Valplast silicone dentures, ceramic and zirconium crowns
  • Pediatric and preventive dentistry
  • Jaw orthopedics: mobile devices, fixed braces, and the latest myofunctional devices
  • Teeth whitening and tooth jewelry

Caring for both young and adult patients with love and enthusiasm are:

  • Dr. Milan Alimpić, dentist
  • Dr. Kosta Lazarević, dentist
  • Dr. Zoran Simeunović, specialist in oral surgery
  • Jelena Tosković, dental nurse
  • Teodora Perić, dental nurse
  • Slavka Ristanović, dental nurse


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