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    Book-keeping agencies Loznica

    Address: nn Loznica st.
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays

    Our main activity includes filing requests for German earning tax refunds.

    It happens frequently that employees aren't aware that Germany refunds this tax - which is why they often don't file requests for it.

    This is why the state ends up with around 10 billion euros every year from citizens who haven't fulfilled their rights to the refund.

    It's even less known that even students, who had never been employed, also have the right to this refund which on a yearly basis can amount to up to 900eur.

    If you saved your receipts, you can gain even more.

    You can file this type of request at the end of the year to the tax authorities. Eligible parties are all those who have worked in Germany in the previous four years and have regularly paid their earning taxes.

    Even if you aren't a citizen of this country, if you worked or lived there at any time in the past four years, you've paid this tax which was deducted from your pay in percentage values and you have the right to a refund.


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