Address: 210 Juznomoravskih brigada st., Leskovac
Leskovac Phone: +381 16 228-320, 222-511, 222-510, +381 63 402-151

Email: office@hotelhajats.com
Web: www.hotelhajats.com
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During your business visit to Leskovac you have precisely determined aims and you spend your time rationally. You are concentrated in your work because that is the only way to see your opportunities and turn then into success, So the high level of hotel service and the professionalism of hotel staff are necessary. STOJANOVIC HAJAT S Company gives you a greta number of services among which we single out the following: - Hotel accommodation - The wholesale - Market Stojanovic Hajat S The elegance, style, and sophisticated details give the needed warmness to our rooms. Equipped like apartments, beside comfort they give the possibility of comfortable accommodation and fast flow of information.